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Outdoor kitchens and grills are even more accessible with Canadian company Napoleon. The quality, functionality and style of Napoleon's built-in grills will be the perfect complement to your outdoor barbecue area. Create an exclusive outdoor barbecue area with Napoleon's integrated gas barbecue grills in combination with Oasis summer modular kitchens.

Napoleon Prestige PRO-665's built-in gas grill has 7 burners and a back infrared burner for maximum enjoyment and convenience of cooking on the terrace of your home, it is the perfect grill for your gourmet outdoors kitchen. Stainless steel construction provides durability, while accented chrome parts and illuminated control knobs add style and luxury. With the built-in gas grill Prestige PRO665, multifunctional grilling is always at your fingertips. Grill slowly at a low temperature, or fry at a high temperature, you can do anything, including roasting up to 42 hamburgers at once. With the help of the rear infrared burner for the skewer, you can cook the perfect dish without putting much effort into it. Spit and IR burner will do everything for you. An integrated smoking container and independent burner, turns your gorgeous gas grill into a smokehouse for cooking brisket, ribs and other dishes. The grill is also equipped with an illuminated surface for preparing delicious food, which makes it possible to grill in the dark with ease. The perfect and professional Napoleon Prestige PRO-665 built-in gas grill is a gem in your outdoor kitchen.

  • 7 burner | 27 kW;
  • can be cooked on charcoal using a special iron pan ;
  • main cooking surface 94x46cm;
  • auxiliary grill for making 94x23cm;
  • double-sided, space-saving stainless steel LIFT EASE ™ flip cover;
  • internal lighting of the working surface;
  • ACCU-PROBE ™ temperature sensor;
  • rear burner for stainless steel skewers;
  • barbecue grills stainless steel patented shape WAVE ™ with a rod thickness of 9.5 mm;
  • 5 thick-walled, durable, cross-ignition stainless steel tube burners
  • built-in tray for wood chips with individual burner;
  • stainless steel grill system;
  • JETFIRE ™ instant ignition system;
  • EASY SET ™ control knobs with NIGHT LIGHT ™ backlight for more comfortable control in the dark;
  • modification available on natural gas ;
  • limited lifetime warranty .

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