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Deck your outdoors, gardens, patios and other outdoor space with La Veranda’s stunning deck designs One of the best ways to transform your outdoor gardens – small or big into luxurious living is setting up beautiful decks!


The warm climate of Dubai always welcomes you to the outdoors of your house. Decks come in different shades and material that can make you dream big and design big. Even the smallest space can be beautifully highlighted with amazing decks. Wait not, connect with La Veranda!

Balcony, garden, patio, pool, front porches, backyard and other outdoor space – all need a high-quality weather proof deck with efficient weight management, maintenance free, luxurious feel, fire-resistant, long-life and eco-friendly traits.

The regular wooden deck comes with beautiful designs and look, but with high maintenance too! Every year, the wooden deck needs a good wash and high maintenance to extend its life. The Polymer Material Deck comes to the rescue….

Know More About Polymer Material Deck

The premium polymer material deck comes with vivid traits that’s sure to match your dreams of perfect outdoor decks with style statement.

What are the advantages of Polymer Deck Material

  • There is polymer material deck that comes with neat wood texture that gives the classic definition of wood. Hence with traditional woody taste for their outdoors can opt for this.
  • Polymer material deck come with free maintenance and hence long life! La Veranda gives 25 plus years of warranty…that’s great, isn’t it…?
  • Premium quality polymer material deck never fades, warp or crack. They are sturdy and shine all through seasons with great weather endurance.
  • The eco-friendly polymer material deck never rot or develop fungi and are non-toxic. Hence very much friendly with kids and adults.
  • Having said about the longevity of the polymer deck, they are very easy to install. Yes, there is initial investment for the installation but that should not worry you, as it gives you almost lifetime warranty.
  • Also, they are mold and mildew resistant. Hence no sticky instance!

Well then, hurry up! Get an appointment with la veranda’s professional experts and start decorating your Outdoors with amazing decks.

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