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Winter season has arrived, and even Dubai is enjoying the pleasant weather! Do you want to make your winter super special? Why not try some creativity in your backyard? In winters, everyone loves to soak the sunlight and enjoy that bright sunny day relaxing in their garden with their dear ones. You can make this moment more delightful if your backyard is equipped with the right outdoor furniture.

As the trend is changing, modernizing your outdoor living with luxury furnishes has become inevitable. Decorating your backyard with designer seating, cuddle chairs, patio furniture, etc., can help you make your garden more aesthetic. Are you planning to change the landscape of your backyard from traditional to contemporary furnishing? Get in touch with La veranda! We have a professional team of creative designers who can provide you with end-to-end assistance with your backyard necessities.

Our team can help you set the right furniture by analyzing the space in your backyard and ensure that everything is in your budget. La Veranda offers an array of trending outdoor furniture and is ever-ready to make your winters memorable!


Concrete Garden Furniture Outdoor Furniture

How to choose the best patio outdoor furniture to fit your backyard

The weather in Dubai becomes pleasant as soon as the winter season arrives. And in such lovely weather, soaking vitamin D in bright sunny days can make your winters so cherishing. So do you have an open backyard with the best outdoor design idea in your mind? Say goodbye to trips and beaches, when you can actually feel the same at the comfort of your home. All you need to have a resort experience is a good set of patio furniture, a cup of coffee or a cold beer and your own backyard!

Are you confused while selecting the finest patio furniture that will suit your backyard?  This can be quite tricky as there are countless options available in the market offering patio outdoor furniture. But calm down! La veranda home and garden can be your ideal destination! We have years of experience providing one-of-a-kind patio outdoor furniture, since years. Our cozy and comfortable patio furniture can make your outdoor moments unforgettable. We have a highly experienced team of professionals who are ready to showcase their unique ideas by making your backyard dream come true!

Ultimately, your outdoor space will be oasis over these next months, so we at La veranda ensure that your furniture is outfitted in such a way that makes you want to spend your days in the sun comfortably and peacefully!


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A hotel’s aesthetics can multifold with La Veranda’s stylish outdoor furniture – one of the best among the top hotel outdoor furniture suppliers in Dubai. Fresh breath of contemporary designs built with high-end quality materials, the outdoor furniture from La Veranda is aptly designed for hotels exteriors and interiors. You can be your own boss, while shopping for the best hotel outdoor furniture. Note the following tips from La Veranda –

How to check good quality hotel outdoor furniture? – h2 tag

  • Must be weather-proof hotel outdoor furniture
  • Cozy and comfort for the guests of the hotel
  • Accolade the exterior-interior architectural design of the hotel
  • Easily mobile
  • Design of the hotel outdoor furniture – firm back support with perfect seat, arm rest and head rest
  • Quality of the frame of the hotel outdoor furniture – must be rust-proof with easy maintenance and recyclable
  • Fabric of the outdoor furniture – Outdoor furniture manufacturers La Veranda believe in 100% PVC free eco-friendly and health supportive fabrics for their outdoor furniture. Comfort, weather-resistance and recyclable fabrics are the best for your guests and long-term relationship with your customers.
  • Cushions of the outdoor furniture especially with foam are easily washable with quick dry properties and ready to use benefits the maintenance work for hotel management. La Veranda outdoor furniture cushions come with anti-microbial functions that is healthier and easy to maintain.

Choosing the best hotel outdoor furniture for your visitors and guests who stay in your hotel can give them great experience and easy maintenance work for you. Also, it lays path for a long-term relationship with your customers and hence bringing great ROI. By spending quality time in selecting the best hotel outdoor furniture for your hotel – you can save a lot of money and gain more stars for your hotel!

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Winter is around the corner, is your backyard ready?

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Winter is the most popular season in the GCC. Whether it’s lying under the sun, enjoying your morning coffee on the balcony, or dining with your friends under the calm desert skies, we all revel in the cool weather. Which begs the question; is your backyard ready?


We can help transform your outdoor space into an Oasis, make it more enjoyable and add value to your property. High-quality hand crafted aluminum furniture, weather proof with vibrant fabric colors of your choice is a start. Carefully placed lighting, selected planters, and accessories illuminate focal points in your garden and create an enjoyable ambiance. How about an outdoor fan for a slight desert breeze, or a fire pit to bring warmth and coziness? Umbrellas or Pergolas will hide you from the sun and bring a fresh winter look to your outdoor space. Lastly, a BBQ island by your deck, built just the way you want, is the perfect excuse for that weekend gathering.


At La Veranda, we’ve got you covered this winter

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Outdoor Living, Garden Landscape Ideas

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It’s sunny outside and is the best time of the year to rejuvenate your outdoor living with some eccentric garden landscape ideas. Add vibrant flora and fauna to your garden to make your outdoor living full of excitement and good health.

Landscape design companies dubai, landscape companies dubai, landscaping, landscape design ideas, landscape ideas

Garden Landscape is an art in itself that adds new life to your outdoor living. We start with the entry ways of your garden. Vibrant flowers make a refreshing entry to your garden and always inviting you and your guests. Along the pathway from entryway to your house entrance, row of flowers and green alternatives gives you eccentric garden landscape. Lavenders, hydrangeas, tulips and more are just blissful for the eyes always. Depending on the amount of sunlight thrown into your garden, you can select the different hues of flowers for your home and garden

Landscape design companies dubai, landscape companies dubai, landscaping, landscape design ideas, landscape ideas

Garden Landscape near your outdoor furniture gives new design factor for your outdoor living. Surround your outdoor sofa furniture with green rows of fauna that invites birds adding charm and chirpiness to your outdoor living space. Plant those green beings that gives good health to you and blends with your home and outside environment. The neoteric luxury furniture can be surrounded with trees and hanging vibrant flora equating to luxury living in your garden. The sun lounger needs more of green lawns and open surroundings. But the surroundings can be lined with plants that generate fresh smell of energy and good living!

Landscape design companies dubai, landscape companies dubai, landscaping, landscape design ideas, landscape ideas

Garden Landscape around your swimming pool needs extra care. Give ample amount of space around swimming pool before you kick start with your dream landscape, so that you don’t want to invite unwanted guests like mosquitoes and other buddies! Flora and fauna alternatives or just green surroundings gives fresh breath of energy while you swim. The sun lounger near pool can be accompanied with aloe vera and other herbal organic potted plants that gives you healthy innings while you bask under the sun!

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Garden Landscape with horticulture along your outdoor dining furniture or barbecue grills is an excellent way to enjoy healthy appetite. Vegetable and fruits grown organically in your garden not only gives you longevity but also add new design details for your garden landscape. You and your guests can relish fresh barbecue dish cooked with fresh vegetables and herbs!

Garden Landscape near your house windows and doors can have creepers that are loaded with flowers or herbs that gives fresh air of fragrance giving you good mood and sound sleep. The green stretch of lawns in your garden all around your house gives exemplary outlook to your garden and home. These green stretches of lawns don’t need daily shower and are ever fresh with weekly one shower.

Garden Landscape is never complete without trees that give heavy shade and let pass through stream of sun rays between its leaves and branches. The trees are good solid support for your hammocks to laze all day and have perfect rejuvenation. The green surroundings can be contrasted with unique outdoor furniture of vibrant hues against the regular norms of brown, grey or white outdoor furniture. Concrete furniture or cement furniture are often coupled with coffee table for evening sunset moments.

Garden Landscape for your outdoor living is an ideal exterior design factor that gifts good health and luxury living!

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Exclusive garden furniture, barbecue grills, pergolas, landscape architect in Dubai

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Make nature as your luxurious living and comfort. Elegant landscape and outdoor furniture for your home exteriors under beautiful sunshine of Dubai touched by creative extravaganza will make your dream come true. Make your neighbors envy, with La Veranda’s creative touch for your home outdoor furniture and garden landscape!

Barbecue grills will steam up your outdoor ambiance with perfect luxury dining. Welcome your family and friends with beautiful pergolas decorating your garden. Make way for exclusive garden furniture and decorative exterior lighting with La Veranda’s eclectic outdoor concepts and designs with professional galore at the best budget!

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Lightweight concrete furniture at La Veranda

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The general assumption of concrete furniture being heavy and difficult to move is now fading. Many of the craftsman and artisans are now making lightweight concrete furniture that is just apt for your room and lifestyle. Elegant designs with care in details, made with finest raw materials to make it durable and last over time – the concrete furniture are finding its way to many homes in Dubai. Concrete dining tables, chairs, bookcases, outdoor patio concrete furniture, concrete planters, concrete pots and many more designs are setting new lifestyle in Dubai.

The ability to mold into many shapes and form concrete furniture are adorning many of the home interiors. Concrete furniture seating is comfortable even without cushions. You will know the true potential of concrete furniture when you have one for your home or office.