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A hotel’s aesthetics can multifold with La Veranda’s stylish outdoor furniture – one of the best among the top hotel outdoor furniture suppliers in Dubai. Fresh breath of contemporary designs built with high-end quality materials, the outdoor furniture from La Veranda is aptly designed for hotels exteriors and interiors. You can be your own boss, while shopping for the best hotel outdoor furniture. Note the following tips from La Veranda –

How to check good quality hotel outdoor furniture? – h2 tag

  • Must be weather-proof hotel outdoor furniture
  • Cozy and comfort for the guests of the hotel
  • Accolade the exterior-interior architectural design of the hotel
  • Easily mobile
  • Design of the hotel outdoor furniture – firm back support with perfect seat, arm rest and head rest
  • Quality of the frame of the hotel outdoor furniture – must be rust-proof with easy maintenance and recyclable
  • Fabric of the outdoor furniture – Outdoor furniture manufacturers La Veranda believe in 100% PVC free eco-friendly and health supportive fabrics for their outdoor furniture. Comfort, weather-resistance and recyclable fabrics are the best for your guests and long-term relationship with your customers.
  • Cushions of the outdoor furniture especially with foam are easily washable with quick dry properties and ready to use benefits the maintenance work for hotel management. La Veranda outdoor furniture cushions come with anti-microbial functions that is healthier and easy to maintain.

Choosing the best hotel outdoor furniture for your visitors and guests who stay in your hotel can give them great experience and easy maintenance work for you. Also, it lays path for a long-term relationship with your customers and hence bringing great ROI. By spending quality time in selecting the best hotel outdoor furniture for your hotel – you can save a lot of money and gain more stars for your hotel!


Popular Upholstery Materials In Dubai

sofa repair, chair upholstery, outdoor furniture upholstery, office furniture upholstery, curtains, cushions

Living room or the dining room – get their status, with neatly packed upholstery on their furniture. Sofas, chairs, dining chair, patio furniture, outdoor furniture or diwan and their companions, the cushions – every furniture needs perfect upholstery to highlight them and their surroundings as well.

Newly bought furniture or refurbishing the existing ones – all need the perfect selection of upholstery. So, we thought of giving you some suggestions on the most popular upholstery materials.


Cotton upholstery material for sofa furniture and their cushion is an excellent choice due to its comfort zone for the sitters. People who spend time most of their time sitting in the living room can go for the cotton upholstery. Healthy for the body posture and skin, cotton upholstery augments for the comfort of the furniture. Also, cotton is resistant to easy wear and tear.



Leather upholstery material has a royal outlook. They are unique and resistant to wear and tear. Leather materials are for long-term investment but with high-maintenance. They are more comfortable for people living in locations that witness mostly cold. weather. One big advantage of leather is the scratches are not prominent and hence friendly with your pets and children.


Polyester upholstery is widely used by people who want to play with vibrant colors and normal day-to-day use. It has to be used with natural synthetic fibers to avoid wrinkles, fading and sagging. Mostly adorns the interior furniture like living room sofa and their cushions or dining room chairs and other small side furniture.


Silk is synonym with royal and elegance. People who want to charm their interiors with ethnic colors and eloquent patterns adorn their formal living room sofas and cushions with silk upholstery. Very great for party rooms and formal gatherings. High investment and maintenance, silk upholstery are limited to indoors as their exposure to sunlight might cause damage to the fabric.


Woolen upholstery mixed with other quality fibers make-up a great fabric for your living room sofas and outdoor patio furniture. They are wrinkle-free, resistant to soil and fading. Wool upholstery is sturdier and firm giving you good comfort while sitting and hence avoiding sagging. Very warm and cozy for winter weather, requires low to normal maintenance.


Extremely durable Olefin upholstery is for the contemporary outlook of your exteriors. Outdoor patio furniture can adorn olefin as they are resistant to any extreme weather conditions. Normal investment and maintenance, olefin upholstery have found their way to sofas-cushions and outdoor dining furniture. Olefin upholstery mostly comes with pastel colors and are great choice to highlight your garden landscape.

Connect with La Veranda’s highly skilled upholstery professionals, today! They will suggest you the right choice making you the proud owners of furniture with unique and creative upholstery.


Outdoor Furniture Upholstery

Exclusive sleep therapy with Day bed and Sun lounger

outdoor furniture, patio furniture, outdoor dining set, sun lounger, deep seating, day bed

The day bed with mattress is an amazing way to relieve you from stress and unfold your relaxed moments with nature. Tug in yourself with warm cozy blankets releasing you into a deep slumber on the mattress in daybed furniture placed in the center of your garden under the spring and sunny climate.

The sun lounger is for those who wants to laze under sun basking all day. The sun lounger with cushions can be laid back for complete rest and relaxation. With fruit drinks around the sun lounger completely refreshes you from all week activities. Sun lounger can be your best weekend partner.

Outdoor Furniture Upholstery

Outdoor furnishing, furniture, decorative lightings to set a Trendy Lifestyle

outdoor furniture, patio furniture, outdoor dining set, sun lounger, deep seating, day bed

Let your outdoors be a pleasant place to live and relax with your family and friends. Make way for beautiful outdoor furniture with world class designs and amazing finish. Outdoor dining set or the sling dining set in your patio invites for a pleasant lunch or dinner with your family and friends. The fresh breath of air in the outdoors can lead you to a relaxed sleep on a laid-back sun lounger in your garden.

Enjoy delicious lunch and dinner with your family and friends on outdoor dining furniture designed with complete comfort and stylish décor. The garden furniture adds exclusivity to your outdoors for your neighbors to envy!


Outdoor Furniture Upholstery

Dubai Outdoor Furniture to elevate your lifestyle

Reward your home exteriors with elegant and unique outdoor furniture. Garden sofas with creative pots and planters besides them will make a new living room amidst nature. Spend every moment with new breath of fresh energy at the outdoors sitting on rattan garden furniture that are strong and perfect for every season.

Trees in the garden are great friends to chill around. They give strong support for hammocks as well as bounty of oxygen and good health reason for you to stay outdoors most of the time. Neoteric luxury outdoor furnitures are indeed luxurious as they come with unique royal style and design that are not only comfortable but also adds elegant lifestyle!

Dining near swimming pool adds charm to your nightlife. The trickling sound of water under star lit sky is the perfect vista for your dinner. Outdoor dining furniture including sling dining are most comfortable for dine out with family and friends.

Concrete or cement furniture make eccentric style statement amidst green surroundings. Read a book or just take a nap, concrete furniture can have added décor of cushions or beds that are not only comfortable but can be carried by you at ease.

Bask under sun or laze around during weekends at outdoors of your home. Sunlounger gives you ultimate comfort to relax and unwind your stress. Exclusive Sunloungers are a must for your outdoor gardens stretching green surroundings all around.

La Veranda (Google+ link) has exclusive and elegant outdoor furniture in Dubai to decorate your outdoors! Check in La Veranda for latest collections with exciting offers.


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Outdoor Furniture Upholstery

Outdoor furniture for every season and every mood!

outdoor furniture, patio furniture, outdoor dining set, sun lounger, deep seating, day bed

Suitable for every type of season, the outdoor furniture gives you the best place to relax and enjoy every season. There are sling dining sets for your coffee and snack time with near and dear. Aluminum patio furniture are great for all seasons throughout the year and are inexpensive too! Dumont cushion dining can be best choice for elders who needs very comfortable seating while dining. The cushion relaxed their body for them to enjoy their meal with comfort. Outdoor patio furniture often comes with cushions for restful seating, but again they cannot be completely kept outdoors all season and have to be content with patio during monsoons and rainy season.

Neoteric luxury outdoor furniture suits best during summer and spring season when you can enjoy nature at its best sitting on such luxury furniture, which is absolute retreat for you!

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