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Built In Barbecue Grills – The Best Barbecue Grills with Life Time Warranty

Your custom outdoor kitchen deserves the best Built-In Gas Grill. Enjoy luxurious outdoor living with stunning outdoor barbecue grills and have a feast with your family and friends every weekend.Create the outdoor kitchen of your dreams with Napoleon Built-In Grill options from La Veranda , exclusively made in Canada with president life-time warranty.Napoleon offers a best-in-class manufacturer’s warranty on all of our products for your peace of mind. Made with the highest quality materials and caring craftsmanship, we take pride in our products and services.

You’ll never want to cook indoors again.Our products stands apart with advanced grilling features, engineered performance, and masterful design offers the best quality that you couldn’t find anywhere else.Spend less and reap more! Yes, the wide range of barbecue grills, charcoal grills, portable gas grill and grill accessories at La Veranda comes with best price and long lasting durability. All season friendly, light-weight, easily mobile and highly durable.

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Choosing a best indoor and outdoor planters at La Veranda -Dubai

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Do you have a spacious backyard that you’d like to convert into a garden or you already have a garden? Decorating your garden with eye-striking planters can be the most attractive part. But for selecting the right outdoor planters, you have to be a little creative and protective too!

Choosing the flower planters that you find unique might turmoil you as innumerable options are available. But if you want to become confident in your ideas, get in touch with Le Veranda. Yes, you read it right! We at La Veranda have a creative team with the ability to guide you through all the garden planters keeping in mind the health of plants. Things become complicated as you are not an professional and growing plants in different climatic conditions requires better garden pots with care. So let our experts at Le Veranda help you!

Not only outdoor planters, but you can also make your indoor sublime with the aesthetic indoor planters to make your bedroom more natural and happening. Whenever you get up in the morning, you will see the blooming flowers and green plants at your window in the first ray of sun. But taking care of plants in cozy and dim light conditions requires perfect plant pots. This is where Le Veranda can assist you! Our experts can help you choose the right planters that will suit your indoor environment and survive for a long time.


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How to choose the best patio outdoor furniture to fit your backyard

The weather in Dubai becomes pleasant as soon as the winter season arrives. And in such lovely weather, soaking vitamin D in bright sunny days can make your winters so cherishing. So do you have an open backyard with the best outdoor design idea in your mind? Say goodbye to trips and beaches, when you can actually feel the same at the comfort of your home. All you need to have a resort experience is a good set of patio furniture, a cup of coffee or a cold beer and your own backyard!

Are you confused while selecting the finest patio furniture that will suit your backyard?  This can be quite tricky as there are countless options available in the market offering patio outdoor furniture. But calm down! La veranda home and garden can be your ideal destination! We have years of experience providing one-of-a-kind patio outdoor furniture, since years. Our cozy and comfortable patio furniture can make your outdoor moments unforgettable. We have a highly experienced team of professionals who are ready to showcase their unique ideas by making your backyard dream come true!

Ultimately, your outdoor space will be oasis over these next months, so we at La veranda ensure that your furniture is outfitted in such a way that makes you want to spend your days in the sun comfortably and peacefully!



Pergola Projects in City Walk, Dubai at Patisserie & Tearoom – La Veranda

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Come and enjoy a sip of exclusive tea at Patisserie & Tearoom under the gorgeous pergolas designed by La Veranda Home & Garden. That extra space created with these beautiful pergolas in the busy street is truly a blessing in disguise for people who want to get engaged in conversations in the outdoor space with a fresh breath of energy. The roof of the pergolas covers the rain and shine, but the sides of the pergolas are supported by strong glass structures that give the picturesque view of the outdoor scenes. Neatly arranged crotons and green plants along these high-end pergolas will entice you to have one exclusive pergola built at your home outdoor garden or corporate organization!

Connect with La Veranda to build the most innovative and best pergolas in your outdoor living space!


Contemporary Pergola Projects in City Walk, Dubai at Sikka Café – La Veranda

Have a business talk or just friendly chat with your friends under the beautiful pergolas at Sikka Café in Dubai. The most exclusive pergolas designed by La Veranda with neatly arranged array of beams on the roof gives a royal experience sitting under them. The sides of the pergolas are supported by strong tempered unbreakable glass structures to give you the view of outdoor space. The outside of the pergolas, we see the umbrella structure of pergola neatly lining the Sikka Café for those who want to have fresh breath of air and relax in the outside weather with family and friends.

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pergola dubai

Pergolas are an important design element for landscape in your outdoor gardens. It adds grandeur and charm to your outdoor living. They are the friendly structures that cover your pathways, patios, near swimming pools or any sitting area in your outdoors.

You can have entertainment and relaxation in your outdoors in Summer season too! Yes, under beautiful structures of Pergolas you can bring your outdoors live. Pergolas give shaded space for you to enjoy your outdoor gardens at every season. There are different styles of pergolas that gives a unique exterior definition for every type of occasions.


Different styles of Pergola

  1. Romantic getaway

Pergolas with beautiful design structures can define a romantic getaway in your outdoor garden. Wooden pergolas with sturdy white beams and white side lattices model bring out the charm of the outdoor gardens. And when we have beautiful sofas laid under them with candlelit coffee table, you will be awestruck. These often decorate the side banks of a pond or sunny fountain.

  1. Children play area

Summer holidays attracts kids outdoors and play with nature. Make their holidays special by creating a beautiful play space under the sunshine with Pergolas. Outdoor gardens will chirp with kids playing under wooden pergolas with cross-beams and sturdy steel rods supporting the wooden pergola structure. The pergolas can bear bamboo curtains that will allow the mesmerizing breeze to seep through them giving the kids fresh breath of air.


  1. Party time

Celebrating an occasion in outdoor gardens! Then time to party outdoors. Wanna create a royal ambiance for your party and amaze your guests? Pergolas with beautiful curtains around synchronizing with the respective occasion can give that extra touch of royal charm. Pergolas that can occupy up to 20 guests can stunningly define yours outdoors with right seating under them. Elegant sofas with cushions and embellishments can create wonderful party arena.

  1. Climbers climbing Pergolas

One of the gorgeous design of Pergolas is to hold on to climbers for that beautiful serene moments under it. Climbers with beautiful scented and colorful flowers that twines around pergolas give you blissful moments. You can do your day to day regular fitness yoga and enjoy the perfect combination of rejuvenation and relaxation.

  1. Swing with Pergolas

Long sturdy steel pergolas holding two swings or a daybed swing is an excellent comfy zone for lazing around the outdoor gardens under sunshine. A perfectly planned landscape can have an icing on the top with cane swings hanging under beautiful black pergolas. Accompany the swings with beautiful cushions and beds that gives extra pomp to your exteriors.

Ready to garnish your outdoors with beautiful pergolas for your landscape, connect with La Veranda and make your neighbors envy!


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Winter is around the corner, is your backyard ready?

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Winter is the most popular season in the GCC. Whether it’s lying under the sun, enjoying your morning coffee on the balcony, or dining with your friends under the calm desert skies, we all revel in the cool weather. Which begs the question; is your backyard ready?


We can help transform your outdoor space into an Oasis, make it more enjoyable and add value to your property. High-quality hand crafted aluminum furniture, weather proof with vibrant fabric colors of your choice is a start. Carefully placed lighting, selected planters, and accessories illuminate focal points in your garden and create an enjoyable ambiance. How about an outdoor fan for a slight desert breeze, or a fire pit to bring warmth and coziness? Umbrellas or Pergolas will hide you from the sun and bring a fresh winter look to your outdoor space. Lastly, a BBQ island by your deck, built just the way you want, is the perfect excuse for that weekend gathering.


At La Veranda, we’ve got you covered this winter